Engineer & Researcher


Just a small sample!

Donuts! Just to start on a sweet note. Ask me how I ended up like this when you meet me.

I am actively in a relationship with my Ph. D. program and passively looking for the next one. I like numbers and like to quantify when possible as most engineers do. I present a few of my interests, quantified, for starters.

Bon appetite!

Learning - side effect 22+ years of school90%
If I hear 'Radar'99%
Cooking - to socialize or to impress someone50%
Talking - includes soft and strong humor80%
Plants - garden or farm100%
Hiking - I can do this all day!69%
Climate Change - I start like Bernie but Hulk takes over101%


Adapted and learnt to be better!

Signal Processing

Working on data processing and a radiometric calibration problem with my Ph. D. advisor Dr. John Paden. Learning basics and cool concepts like SAR, multi-channel radar systems, etc.

Research Engineer

Team Radar Hardware!

Lab tests, debugging, field work, deployments, and a tiny part of the NASA OIB. Operation IceBridge is the 'largest airborne survey of Earth's polar ice ever'.

Masters Thesis

Worked on a modular design and integration for the NASA Global Hawk Snow Radar system. Design of a version of ultra-wideband frequency multiplier and a few types of bandpass filters from VHF to V band.


Working on it! ThanKU for your patience :-)


Hire me in 2 years.